Sometimes.....when I become completely still and at one with the world, if I listen carefully, I can hear my heart talking. It tells me some incredible truths, about myself, others and most importantly about life. It speaks of my deepest fears, my wildest dreams and the most intense not only tells me that what I desire most is also tells me how. I wonder......why do I not listen more often? It tells me.....because I am human. 

Late afternoon

Lunch at the rooftop patio of Cafe Nervosa. This place, home to my most favorite roof-top patio in town has everything I could possibly ask for and then some more, a charmingly laid back yet stylish decor, simple but tasty food. 

I love everything about it - the worn black white checkered pattern on the wood floor, old type font printed cushions, fluffy yet solid burlap covered pillows, wrought iron lamps and candle holders, black and white striped awnings and a soundtrack that sets a happy mood yet does not interrupt conversations. 

Funny enough, the one dish that I had originally wanted to try on the menu was the spaghetti with mushrooms, yet every I have tried many other dishes except for that one. Ha ha....I guess I am saving myself an excuse to visit again if for nothing else. The experience of spending a late afternoon here is a manifestation of everything I want my life to be, simple....meaningful...beautiful. 

I want to remember this late afternoon, the sky was a perfect blue with wispy white cotton candy clouds. I want to remember the beautiful music, the warm slight breeze, the people...conversing about meaningless nothings...the server with his Italian accent and mischievous wink. Most importantly...I will I peace with myself and the world. 

I will remember this beautiful afternoon...forever. 

A new direction

Over the last couple of years...I have slowly noticed a change in myself....a shift of perspective in how I view life, want to live it and get out of it. Chronicling daily outfits...stopped mattering as I am paring my already minimal wardrobe down to the barest truly loved and needed essentials. 

These days, I feel more inclined to only have the most essential in my life, be they clothes...experiences....people...etc. More and more I feel the need to create beauty..whether it be with experiences....but less of an inclination to share it so openly as I did before. For the time being....I will just wait and see where life takes me. 

An ordinary day

An ordinary day, filled with little things that saved my sanity and in the process saved me. 

Waking up with the sun on my face instead of the shrill cry of an alarm clock
Reading and re-reading a much loved book instead of mindlessly browsing the internet
Spending a late afternoon watching busy city dwellers from a cafe window
Napping on the sun warmed sofa with my puppy just because
Meeting up with my loved one for a movie date
Turning off all the lights in my house and lighting every single candle I have
Marvelling at the Toronto skyline from my bed while Sting plays in the background
Painting my nails blood red
Writing it all down, lest I forget how lucky I am to be alive


Do the things you are most afraid of will save your life. 

Music Garden

One of my favorite places in Toronto is the Music Garden. Amidst the hustle and bustle of harbor front, this place is an oasis of calm. I go there often in the summer, to listen to the artists playing in the evening or just engage in quiet reflection.

Wearing: Forever 21 Dress, ModCloth Blazer

Life lately

 I have a new camera and a very good one at that too! Life has gotten significantly busy now that I've graduated, but I have been taking little opportunities here and there to document the happenings. For example, a simple brunch followed by a walk in the park, fresh flowers and a new bottle of my summer fragrance. 

Wearing: ModCloth Dress & Sweater, Suzy Shier Belt, Hue Tights and Zara Ballet Flats

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