After the storm

I had a very relaxing Sunday after a long time. Slept in, had a delicious Tandoori Chicken with Butter Sauce for lunch, a fun outing with Rishi, caught up on my blog reading followed by a brief study session. Nothing much achieved, but should we always achieve something everyday???

The world of blogging offers a wonderful sanctuary to me. I was going through a very tough time in my life when I started reading blogs. My very first ones were Karla's Closet and The Clothes Horse. Everyday after coming home I would rush to my almost defunct laptop eagerly anticipating a glimpse of the magical world that these girls had to offer. A few minutes each day, that's all kept me going......





I would not say I am in a much better condition now, but I am stronger and now that I blog myself it is more of a sanctuary than ever before. Many people might think dressing up in pretty clothes when you have nowhere to go and taking photos of yourself is vein. Maybe it is but those few minutes before the camera gives me the chance to be somebody else and take a tiny break from reality. How can this be wrong??

Wearing: Mandee Sweater Dress, Alloy Turtleneck, Swarovski Ring, Emu Boots, Ardene Necklace and Ardene Tights


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