Better late than never.....

I finished posting my first entry and then noticed that the blog is missing any introduction whatsoever. So I thought, better late than never.

I am Trishna, from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am studying something in University of Toronto that is quite unrelated to fashion. Share my tiny apartment with my poodle Rishi, who is the smartest dog you have ever met. I also love a boy who keeps me alive by seeing me through all the crazy ups and downs in life.


I have been interested in fashion from a very early age, but in our country for a girl from a middle class background, being a fashion designer was just not done. My mom, has always been very supportive in all my decisions and has just requested this much, that I graduate with a degree in a sensible subject and then I can pursue whatever dream I have. Currently that is what I am working on.

The kind of fashion I grew up with is quite different than here. Obviously our main attire in Bangladesh is Saree and Salwar Kamiz, which in its own right are very beautiful. But knowing how to drape a 6' long material gracefully around my body did not prepare me for the culture style shock that was waiting here. I had absolutely no idea how to wear boots, never knew pantyhoses, thigh highs, body suits, skinny jeans and you get the picture. So for the first year I sort of drifted around in a daze and I wish I had pictures of that time to share with you guys, just to give you an idea of the work in progress that I am.

I do not know much about western fashion even now, but I can coordinate patterns, am an expert on different kinds of hosiery, know what looks pretty and most importantly am not afraid anymore about what people will think. I have had enough of that.

I wanted to start this blog to keep a collection of what inspires me aesthetically, to catalog the differences between renowned designers here and back home and basically to see the direction my creative side is taking. I also like browsing stores that carry products with a not so mass market vibe in them and have an ever growing wishlist that I constantly lose track of. Sharing this with you might lead to your discovery of some fab new designer or just the perfect pair of red gloves, who knows!

So that's me, welcome to my world. Hope you enjoy your stay.

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