Cupid day with King Tut

Good evening everyone,

Happy belated Valentines day. Yesterday I was busy having too much fun out and about in town to be able to post. But since I am in Canada and today is Family Day holiday I am privileged to be able to spend a quality day at home, cooking, catching up on my blog reading and cuddling with Rishi. :)

This year I really wanted the gift to my boy to mean a lot more than yet another bottle of perfume, so I bought him tickets to the King Tutankhamen exhibit going on in the Art Gallery of Ontario. He was beyond ecstatic, however my biggest gift to him was going with him to the exhibit because for some reason I really do not like the way mummies look. Things you have to do for love. sighhh......




This year was also iconic in more ways than one, each year I make a huge deal out of V day buying new clothes, new accessories, going for a ridiculously lavish meal which we often do not enjoy that much after wards.  This year it was very low key. I dressed really comfortable in a vintage men's sweater worn as a dress, accessorized with the silver bracelets my boy got me from back home and had dinner at a relatively unknown neighborhood steak house. I was comfortable in my warm clothes instead of heels and a skimpy dress, felt good supporting the neighborhood business and surprisingly we did not enjoy any less.


Back home we enjoyed the movie "My name is Khan" by the legendary Indian actor Shahrukh Khan, which was about a Muslim man suffering from Asperger's Syndrome and his journey to prove to the people and president of America that he is not a terrorist. It was a very touching tale and brought a few tears to my eyes.

So that was my valentine's day. How was yours??

P.S: My boy and I got our names written in hieroglyphic. I am so excited to frame and hang them up and I learnt how to write in hieroglyphic too!!! YaY.

Wearing: Vintage Men's Sweater, Suzy Shier Belt, Aerosol Boots, Hue Tights and Gifted Pashmina
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