I feel ........circles

Today I did not know what to wear, in fact the whole day was spent in a similar pattern of indecisiveness, about what to eat, where to go, what to do next and so forth. Everything was done in a spur of the moment way which goes against the very nature of me. But........ honestly at the end of the day when I am looking back and reminiscing, I kinda liked it.......this no sense of purpose...it made me do somethings I would not do on a regular day.

Like having a Paneer Dosa for the first time in my life alone in a South Indian restaurant.

Trying to score some unique goodies in the children's section of a store.

Trying out silly hats and giving goofy smiles for the camera.

Or just giving goofy smiles in general.
Have you ever spent a day like this??


Wearing: Anthropologie Dress, Suzy Shier Belt, Alloy Turtleneck, Aerosol Boots, Vintage Coat
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