I heart Etsy: Sora Designs

I actually do not remember how I stumbled upon Etsy; but it was love at first sight. Everyday Etsy started taking up large chunks of my non-study (and sometimes study) time and discovering uniquely beautiful handmade pieces became an obsession of mine. I would be honest here, not all stores in Etsy have the greatest wares in them. To me it's like a deep ocean, mysterious and full of jewels, if you believe and keep trying, you will come across some lost king's treasure. OK, time to be non poetic and back to the post........

Last December, as I was searching for some unique accessories I came across "Sora Designs" on Etsy.(Some of my pieces are featured in the collage above) It is run by Yueh-Wen Chang (Wen) who  used to make jewelery for her family and friends while in grad school as a creative outlet and put her stuff up on Etsy sort of on a whim. But after a few days when the first item sold and then another, her innocent hobby turned into a creative passion and after one year in 2009 she actually left her job as a researcher in a government agency to pursue "Sora Designs" full time.

The meaning of "Sora" in Japanese is "Sky" and it is because Wen believes "Possibilities are as open as the sky". She likes to use vintage, environmentally friendly and recycled materials to use pieces so stunning that you'll want to keep them as heirlooms for generations to come. (Most favorite possession till date, the King Owlie Ring, below)

You can check out her blog: www.soradesigns.blogspot.com
As well as her Etsy store: Sora Designs

As you can see I have quite a collection of Wen's pieces, each one more unique than the others and every time I wear them I get asked at least 3-4 times where I got them from. (yes, I have a tally, LOL) So, I thought to finally share with the world my secret treasure island.  Also all items come in a pretty ribbon tied gift box.(Love pretty packaging, Wen) Below are some of her pieces from her recent collection that have a firm place in my ever expanding wishlist. (Especially the Bejeweled Bee Necklace! Hint, hint, my boy, anniversary is coming!)

Do you have a unique artist you know of, wanna share??
Happy weekend everyone.Much Love.

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