A day in old town

It was one of those days when I hated my entire wardrobe. Hence, introducing one of BF's many shirts that I have acquired in the last few weeks. I love the bright, stripy silk material and belted over some bright tights, I was ready for a lazy stroll through Toronto's largest antique market.

It was my first time at an actual antique market and I wanted to buy everything, especially the vintage furs and ancient gold, silver coins. Obviously they were well out of my reach, but I plan to go back again soon with a healthier wallet.

In the meantime I found an eager to pose pigeon who just would not leave us alone, following us throughout the outdoor market, finally after we agreed to take a few shots of her, she left us to go off on her own way.

So yeah that was my impromptu day out, very unwise considering I have a midterm coming in two days, but we all need a few hours of relaxation, don't we??

Wearing: Custom Made Bf's Shirt as Tunic, Citizen Watch, Aerosoles Boots, Hue Tights, Forever 21 Faux Fur Shrug, Random Belt, and Random Rings


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