I hear............... whispers of change

Today was a very beautiful day in an otherwise disastrous week. Yesterday I came to know that my primary job that pays the rent as well as my tuition will be there no more as of March 31st. That notice along with my current savings buys me exactly 1.5 months to get a job, after that.................

Anyway that does not mean the world will come to an end...we will still dress up all pretty, laugh ourselves silly and try to appreciate the little things in life like wearing a silk top in early march!!



I am grateful again to god that I have and will still have all of you no matter what happens. I also consider myself a very strong person, but I think I will shed tears on my last day. This was the first job ever that I really loved and just when I thought after years of stumbling around I have found my niche and was settling down, the universe changed her mind. But I would not crumble, would not fall apart. No.

Wearing: Gifted Top, Guess Denim Mini, Aerosoles Boots, Hue Navy Tights, Sora Designs Ring, Citizen Men's Watch  and Vintage Necklace

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