Let's keep going.......

Good Morning everyone,

Do you have any suggestions as to how I can spend the eons of free time I have on my hands??? My principal job as I said and you might have noticed in the last couple of weeks; will be over today and I only have 3 finals over the span of a month. Three.....that's it!!!! So other than my part time Harbourfront Centre shifts I practically have nothing to keep my hyperactive mind occupied.....Help, please.

While looking for a job is should be full time work in itself, it has been able to capture my attention for much longer than 3 hours a day and I have found myself getting desperate for anything other than job hunting. Lately the activities I have indulged myself have been, cleaning, restoring and putting away all my boots, packing away winter clothes and window shopping for colours to design my greeting cards. I really need some good quality pens with a lot of choice in ink colours or pencil colours that can be turned into watercolors by brushing over with water. I am looking to do a stained glass effect on regular ivory cardstock so I need really vibrant colours. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, a few posts back I mentioned buying my first ever black blazer and also my dilemma in whether to keep it or exchange it for a white blue stripy on I spotted right after buying it. So after agonizing over it for about a day I let my practical side win and kept the black blazer. I am actually figuring it's one of those things I am slowly falling in love with. Plus it would be perfect for the interviews, when I do get them.

These photos are taken behind my school. We are equally blessed and cursed by its location, because while it is surrounded by a beautiful ravine and forests it is also located in the middle of nowhereville. Which equals a slow and inefficient in my opinion bus ride and an overwhelming desire to skip classes on chilly or worse mornings.

OK, I gotta go now, my eyes are drooping and I might just press the wrong key and make it all disappear. So before that happens, Goodnight.

Wearing: H&M Blazer, Stitches T, Forever 21 Skirt, Cynthia Rowley Tights, Aldo Shoes, Ardene Necklace, Dreamy Vintage and Random Bracelets, Costa Blanca Pin and Sora Designs Ring


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