My Design: Zodiac themed birthday card

A few weeks ago I was just toying with a few different images of the "Koi Fish" and scribbling away on my notes while an idea struck me. Two of my closest friends were Pisceans and their birthdays are coming up. I wanted to give them something which nobody else would think of ......................and that's how the idea of zodiac themed birthday card was born.

I have three initial cards made but here is the design that I like best.

I am thinking if my friends like it I want to make a collection of zodiac themed card for all the signs. I would like to sell them if people were interested too. Honestly speaking making these are so much fun and I just love that, since these are 100% hand painted by me, each and every piece would be unique and no one would be able to come up with the exact same design.

What  do you think ??


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