My heart goes ummm...ummmmm.ummm

I am so so happy. It looks like spring is here...finally. This weekend has been sinfully delightful. Yesterday the day started with a midterm that did not go so well but ended with a mind blowing celebration of my friend E's birthday. I made a card again (pictures coming soon) and we went to this fabulous place for a mouth watering, finger and plate licking dinner, and topped the night off with turtle fudge cake and cocktails back at E's place.

The photos reflect my first attempt at spring florals. I have a very small wardrobe and before this year have never even considered wearing clothes in March that have a spring-y feel to them. Honestly the things blogging makes me do. But....I am loving every second of mixing, matching and layering up with my tiny wardrobe.

On a side note, as you may have noticed you can now follow me on twitter. And......and....I have been accepted at IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) as you can also see from the badge I'm sporting on my side bar.

Wearing: Alloy Dress, Stitches T-shirt, Hue Tights, Aldo Oxfords and Bangladeshi Street Vendor Bangles & Earrings

Hope you had a lovely weekend. 



P.S: I bought my first ever black blazer at H&M today. They were going on sale and the damned thing fit me better than any of it's cousins have so far. So I bought it. But just as I was getting out I saw another light blue and white vertical striped, nautical themed blazer with shiny gold buttons. Now I am torn. Whimsy or practicality? Simple black blazer or nautical themed blazer? Please dear readers, any suggestion will be much appreciated.
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