Sailor suit

This cute little number captured my attention a while back in Forever 21. Since I was looking to expand my wardrobe and had absolutely nothing in the marine/sailor theme, I thought I would give it a go. Paired it up with trusted navy tights and my most favorite flats ever. The red t was a mandatory addition because although Rishi looks super comfy in his fur, the temperature was bordering around freezing when I took these photos. But I discovered with pleasure that Gap Body T-shirts make the most wonderful layering options indeed, with an added bonus of no stretching or shrinking. no matter how many washer/dryer cycles they've been through. Truth be told I have never felt more cheerful on a gloomy rainy day.

Next I am on the hunt for a nice sailor's hat, some anchor shaped pendants or charms, any ideas dear ladies and gents??

Wearing: Forever 21 Dress, Gap Body T-shirt, Dreamy Vintage Bracelet, American Eagle Flats and Hue Tights

Think positive and keep smiling.


P.S: It's my boy's birthday tonight at 12 A.M. I have not made the card yet, so wish me luck please.
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