Sarpagati- The way of the serpant

I always think before I begin my posts that I would not talk about the weather, but somehow can never escape it. Weather is such an integral part of our life in Toronto that beginning everyday with a weather forecast is mandatory.

Anyway the last few days have seen unusual winds here with our windows going "whoooo whoooo" resulting in Rishi cuddling even closer to us, but today to add cherry to the cake we have torrential rain. I would not have gotten out of the house today had it not been for the going away party of one of my colleagues. So I made an attempt to look half decent and figured might as well drop by Harbourfront Centre later tonight to see Daksha Sheth Dance Company's "Sarpagati".

"Sarpagati"- The Way of the Serpent explores the ancient tradition of snake worship in India, using aerial dance, yoga, gymnastics, martial arts and the music of Australian born musician, composer and photographer, Devissaro. In tantric symbolism, the snake represents the primal creative energy which lies dormant in the base of the spine, which, when aroused, ascends and activates the chakras of the subtle body. "The Way of the Serpent", specifically refers to the manifestation of this energy within the context of the lower three chakras, symbolized as the elements of Earth, Water and Fire. These in turn relate to three fundamental drives which form the basis of survival; the drive to accumulate, to procreate, and to dominate. Here are a few shots from the production that I found online since taking photos inside is absolutely prohibited.

The show was truly wonderful, but felt like it was over before it even started. Wish I could attend the whole spring dance festival....sigh!!!

Wearing: Shulami  Silk Dress, Guess Denim Shorts, Hue Tights, Sora designs Necklace, Random Boots and Bangladeshi Street Vendor Bangles  

Sarpagati Image Courtesy: Google 

Have a glorious weekend everyone.


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