Wishful thinking

I don't go to the movies very often, I like to enjoy them from the comforts of my home. I find I always miss crucial details on the big screen cause, well it's too big for my eyes to take in everything at once. However, there is one movie I would not have missed seeing in the theatre for anything in the world, "Alice in Wonderland" and finally after a year of anticipation, last night I watched it in IMAX 3D!!!

I can not express how I felt, let's just say the movie was everything that I hoped it would be and yet so much more. Loved the grown up Alice in all her awkward teen glory, maddest of the mads Hatter and the ever so mystique cheshire cat.

But I can't help but wish I had a chance to chase my dreams around the world like Alice had been given. I guess life is not a story after all.

P.S: After the movie I headed to work my nightly shift at the Harbourfront Centre so what you see me wearing is actually supposed to be work clothes. Hence the painful absence of accessories or odd pops of colour because it's a strict all black with mandatory shirt collar dress code. I always push my luck with these sweater-blazer, and today was really pushing it with the shoes. But I guess it was all good because the overall look was quite professional. :) However a colleague commented tonight that my shoes reminded her of Edward Scissorhands. I am not sure what to make of that actually!!! Any thoughts?

Wearing: Barami Black Dress, Anthropologie Sweater, Aldo Oxford like shoes, Ardene Tights, Citizen Men's Watch and gifted pendant with a real scorpion inside.


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