An act of kindness a day, keeps the bitter universe away

I really really wanted to share with you, something wonderful that happened all day today. Maybe you can or can not understand from my photos and writing but I am a very sarcastic individual by nature. I absolutely adore dry, subtle humor and can sustain on intelligent conversation alone for hours on end. Growing up, due to circumstances beyond my control I have grown to possess a rather cynic view of the world around me and although I love people's ability to enjoy things as they come without looking for the motive behind them, I have been devoid of that kind of emotion until today.

I do not know exactly what caused this but as I was getting out of the house bright and early this morning, I decided to take it slow. I decided I will choose not to run for the bus, let everyone else get on it and take their seats before I embark even if it's a particularly long ride, will go out of my way to help each and every individual I meet and just make a very conscious effort to be a good human being.

I don't know what caused this but it was like as soon as I made these mere intentions, something in the universe shifted and decided to make my day. I swear I can never catch a bus, usually never get a seat when I need it, but today not one but two drivers waited for me in the middle of the road even after the signal turned green, just so I could get on. I managed to sit every time, even after I volunteered to leave my seat for those more in need. I left my rather costly monthly pass on the subway as I was getting off, but a gentleman ran out after me, handed me my card and rushed back into the train before I could even register what just happened. I could go on and on about all the other little details that made this day very special for me. And I believe it was because I had started the day with good intentions.

I was reading my fellow blogger and a wonderful person Tieka's entry about how one day she, tired of losing control and always complaining, made a conscious choice of turning her life around. It really moved me, her entry. We all face so many struggles in our lives, maybe in comparison to many others in the world our's are really small. But everyone's struggle is unique and is a hardship to them, no matter how insignificant it might seem to others. It might seem vain to many, this whole fashion blogging thing. But really when I see girls like Tieka it just becomes crystal clear that we are all real human beings, with real problems and real emotions. And that is why overcoming all that when we look stylish, it really counts. But maybe it was her words on the back of my mind that made me do this today, and you know what?? Sarcasm is nice as a form of expression and it will always be a part of me, but I am ready to shed the cynic view of this world and see life just as it comes.

Wearing: Mandee Dress, Gifted Pashmina, Forever 21 Faux fur Shrug, Bangladeshi Handmade Bag, Ardene Necklaces, (THE MOST PAINFUL) Dexter Pumps and Hue Tights

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