Amar desh, amar potaka: Translated-My country, my flag

Before I start I just want to thank all of you wonderful people who have been taking the time to visit my blog, leave a comment or follow me. This is more than I could ever hope for. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your love. This is what makes blogging worth it.

It is probably very silly of me and might even be considered disrespectful by some, but I was totally ecstatic when I put this outfit together and noticed that I am replicating the flag of my country. It touched me even more because these photos were taken in March, very close to the day of our independence 26th March. Maybe it was all a big coincidence, but I like coincidences like that, they make me happy. :)

Now that you've seen what I was wearing I just thought I would share with you a collage I created with images from all over the web depicting our flag. The flag initially had a golden yellow map of our country in the middle of the red circle. This was the original design of the flag, the first copy of which was hand sewn by my grandpa.

Wearing, Custommade Kaftan as Top, Vintage modified Pencil Skirt, Suzy Shier Belt, Hue Tights, Aldo Shoes, Gifted Bracelet and Guess Earrings.



P.S: You might have noticed that I am trying to learn how to use Chictopia actively. In that attempt I entered the "Chic in the City" contest. You can find my look here, under title "Toronto shopping guide". If you like what you see, do vote for me, please. :)
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