April Showers

Sometimes out of the blue, life decides to bring a smile to my face. Such a day was today. I was picking up a temp stint at my previous workplace and as I was leaving for the day I came across a co-op student who worked for another division in our company. I've never really had a chance to talk to her before but I dunno how today we got talking and I was surprised to know that she is a very talented photographer who is also studying to become a Social Service Worker. We were talking about common interests when she suddenly told me she really loves photographing in natural lights and for her photoshoots tries to use natural looking models. It was then that I had my Eureka moment.

I was planning to share this with you a bit later but I am too excited and I know you are more than well wishers, so ...yeah ....the reason I was excited to hear that Kaidee was a photographer is because I was looking for one in my area who I know, can easily convey my ideas to and share a vision with. I need this because I have seriously started dabbling in paint and plan to have a collection of exquisite silk and organic cotton hand painted dresses up for sale by the end of the summer. Presentation is everything, so I was desperately looking for a photographer and when I took a look at Kaidee's work, I knew she was the answer to my silent prayers.

So that is my secret dear ladies and gentleman. At present I am feverishly working away on my designs, but there is so much left to do, I have to get a website up and promote, promote and promote some more if I want to be any success. Hopefully in the next month you will see me wearing some of my simpler pieces. You can be my first judge of how my art is then!!!!

Please pray for me everyone. Being a designer was my dream since I was 10 and it is the only key to my freedom. I want this more than anything in life. So please wish me luck. :)

On a lighter note, I recently got some super amazing pieces from Forever 21. I was so impressed by their shipping too. I ordered one day and the items were on my doorstep the next evening, now that's what I call customer service. :) I am preferring shopping online more and more as of late. It just takes the pressure away when you can try things out in the comfort of your home and just return them later if you really do not like. Plus instead of walking around the stores for hours you simply browse pages after pages on your laptop in your pajamas and ........oh I can go on forever. Now if only I could do grocery this way too that would be a dream come true!

Wearing: Forever 21 Jacket and Sweater, Guess Skirt, Ardene Tights, Aldo Shoes, Citizen Watch, Bangladeshi Street Vendor Bangles and Costa Blanca Pin



P.S: The Chictopia contest is still on. Please vote for Rishi and me. :) And if you want me to vote for you in any other contest, just let me know in the comments below. :)
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