The beauty within

Have I ever told you why I blog?? No, I am not talking about reasons like, I want to bring out variety from my wardrobe, I want to record the development of my personal style or I want to push myself to new boundaries..etc. I agree those reasons are very important in their own rights. However the main reason for my blogging is that I want to belong.

Ever since I was a little girl, I never fit in. No, I was not particularly targeted by the mean kids in school, I kept my head low enough for that. I think the fault lies within me. I don't think I ever really wanted to fit into the general mold of social conformity. Be it in the way I dressed (weird according to general consensus), or how I kept my hair(super curly and messy like a crows nest), to how I solved my math problems to even what I had for lunch. Being the fiercely independent soul that I was even as a kid I thrived in being different, in having my own identity. That actually was not a very pleasant experience, since like most educational institutions in the world, all the students in our school were expected to be similar, by the teachers as well as other students. So anything deviant was just termed weird and shunned aside.

It has not really changed as I grew up, I was never in the popular or trendy crew but slowly I had carved a distinctive identity for myself. I was at least known as unique, uncommon or any other polite term you might be able to think up for weird. It took me a move across the world and being away from everything I have known since birth to be admired, complimented and to be called beautiful. The day I first heard that I am beautiful from a coworker, I thought she was mocking me. Ah the look on my face when she said she was serious was apparently priceless.

Then I found you, dear fellow bloggers and readers who grace the blogosphere. I could barely contain my joy when I started discovering one blog after another. Oh the celebration of beauty! Girls, guys, various races, shapes, sizes, nationality, skin color, hair; but who dares to say that we are not beautiful in our own ways?? And oh did I forget to mentioned that I learned just because I am different than a lot of people does not mean I am weird. There is at least one person, or most likely many more out there who shares some of my characteristics. My uniqueness is what makes me who I am. And it is not only acceptable but absolutely recommended to be who I really am. Geez was I surprised by this discovery or what!!!

The blogosphere is a world where we all belong. To me THIS is utopia, a place where everybody is equal and we are all beautiful, exactly the way we are.

Thanks to Delightfully Tacky for inspiring this string of thoughts. If you've never visited her, I insist you do so before finishing this post.

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