Besame mucho. :)

Once upon a time I was a stubborn, skeptic girl, who had a few select friends and loved them to death. It's not that I was antisocial, hell no, but I was just very very scared to let people into my life. Especially boys........thanks to my share of jerks. Plus who has time for boys when you are planning to fly across several oceans to realize your dream??? But in the middle of all this one balmy November (Yes November in Bangladesh is balmy according to Canadian standard) evening in 2005, I received a text, from a stranger. Maybe, the stars do have some power over us after all, because I replied. And now four years, millions of texts, thousands of international phone calls, video chats, sleepless nights and one immigration later, we are still going strong.

I am so happy I answered that text Shabab. I would not have done it any other way. Thanks for supporting my craziness round the clock every day, I would not be who I am and this blog child of mine would not be born if it was not for you. Love you.

P.S: My boy and I just celebrated our fourth anniversary, how we met, evolved and are still together in a relationship can make a thousand page novel. But I won't bore you to death with the details. And believe me after countless hours spent trying to analyze why, when and how, I could only come to the conclusion that, it just.....happened. Maybe because it was meant to, who knows!!!

We wanted to keep it low key, just the two of us, so from work we went to eat at Lahore Tikka, our favorite Indian restaurant in the city and then promptly got lost in a previously unseen neighborhood enjoying Pistachio flavored Kulfi. Maybe sometime in the next few months I'll be able to sneak in a photo of him for you guys. :)

P.P.S: I wanted to thank all you wonderful people who have been visiting my blog and letting me know your thoughts. It means so much to me to see what you liked about my posts. Plus currently I am participating in the "Chic & Fuzzy" contest on Chictopia along with my miniature poodle baby Rishi. We are both awestruck by the sheer amount of love you have shown us. Please keep voting for us, it will be the perfect gift to mark the beginning for Rishi's third year with us. Also could you please tell me what color tights I should wear with this dress?? I was running late for work that morning and just grabbed the first one my eyes fell on. But for next time I am thinking turquoise, golden yellow, sage green or coral but don't have any of them and I can currently buy just one. :( Help please!!!!!

P.P.P.S: The bag I am carrying is from a fashion house/ NGO named "ARONG" in my country. I absolutely loved the bright hues, the fact that it's 100% fair trade and the proceeds from it's sales went towards building prosperous communities for leather crafters in my country.

Wearing: H&M Dress, Vintage Belt, Soda Flats, Arong Bag, Ricki's Blazer, Hue Tights, Ardene Calf, Bangladeshi Street Vendor Necklace and Bracelets and Sora Designs "Venice Encounter" Ring
Thank for the photos Love :)


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