April shower brings a pop of colour

Hello dear ladies and gentlemen,

How are you spending your weekend??  I am so sorry for being such an awful blogger for the past few days. I finally caught up with about three days worth of blog reading/ commenting. It's strange but everytime a few days go by without me commenting on people's blogs, I feel extremely guilty. It's like I am not being a nice and proper member of this community by showing the love that you guys truly deserve. Do you ever feel like this? :) So don't think I have forgotten you totally. I've just been busy finishing up my exams, applying to jobs and working at my temp position for the entire last week. But I've still managed to visit a few beautiful places in T.O and took some pretty pictures.

The area in these photos is a tiny lane near Richmond Street west and Spadina avenue in Toronto. It's this really cool street filled with fabulous graffiti on every wall. It's totally impossible to include photos of all of them in one post so I will have to go back soon.

Ahem....I know you are kinda sick and tired of these shoes, but what can I do? They go with everything, they are chic and super comfortable. Since they are replacing my Summer staple of the trusty GEOX ballet flats, I think by the end of this Summer they will be in pieces from all the wear and tear. I would also like to draw your attention to this blazer which was definitely a steal from Forever 21. Can you believe it, CAD 13.99? It's pure cotton, holds a wonderful shape and makes me look (or at least feel) very professional every time I don this. Certainly one of the best buys of my life, it's here to stay.

I am really excited because after months of relentless search, I finally landed not one but two jobs, both of which I plan to continue part-time throughout Summer to allow maximum flexibility in my schedule for blogging, designing and overall merry making. They are not the positions of my dreams and not in the non-profit sector, which I will give my little toe for. But at least I got them now and they will help me pay the enormous tuition fee load which is due on the 25th of July. So, I'll just have to keep looking for the opportunity of my dreams.

Usually every Summer I work like crazy, barely leaving any time to enjoy the glorious weather. However, this time thanks to you, I thought to take it easy, otherwise a beautiful Summer will go by without me being able to document it here. So yeah, just discovered on more pro of blogging, it makes you create time and opportunity to enjoy every moment. :)

I won't keep you inside in this beautiful day for long. Go out and enjoy the weather you guys. And don't forget your cameras.

Wearing: French Connection Skirt, Stitches Top, Forever 21 Blazer, Aldo Shoes, Hue Tights, Gifted Pendant & Bangladeshi Bangles


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