Cherry Blossom Girl

Hello Everyone,

Today the universe reminded me once again, that one should never say never. It has not been long since I started this blog, but I am sure you all have noticed my penchant for bright, bold colors and accessories. The first time I consciously made an effort to control the way I look, I chose a color palette that I believed compliments my skin color. And that palette was comprised of bright, vivid shades with warm undertones. I thought I would never wear colors like pale pink, baby blue, light yellow, lavender, mint and so on. Well that is what I thought.........

Until I came across this shirt. This pale pink wonder of a garment that wrongly belonged to my boy (previously, in another life, corrected by me obviously after the recent discovery). He is definitely not your "pink shirt" guy. So on a closet cleaning expedition not too long ago, I was asked to do whatever I want with this "new in box" shirt.

It sat in my closet for about two months when last Saturday morning, desperately looking for something grocery shopping worthy in my closet, my eyes fell on this. I pulled this on, along with a pair trusted but not much worn, faded denim and ran out of the door. Later that day when the weather forecast called for thunderstorm, I figured might as well keep this on, in case I have to brave the rain.

We went to "Riverdale Farm" that day, a scenic 7.5 acres of woods, barns, pathways through butterfly gardens, ponds and countless domestic animals; aptly located in the Cabbage Town neighborhood of Toronto. My boy always makes fun of me, because every time I visit a new neighborhood of Toronto, I decide that is where my dream house is going to be. But this time I am serious, Cabbage Town it is. I know the name is ridiculous, but the picturesque streets lined with lush trees, beautiful colonial style brick houses stole my heart. I could imagine any couple, strolling by, hand in hand through the lush canopies and falling in love all over again. Truly it was a place where miracles happen. However it was a cemetery that sealed the deal for me. At the end of Winchester street beside "Riverdale Farm" there is the most beautiful cemetery with a church that I have ever seen. I know I am never going to need either, but something inside my heart just clicked and hopefully if the universe wants, Cabbage Town is where I will raise a family.

As you can surely understand, "Laid-back" was the mood of the day. So I hope you'll forgive my rather casual outfit. Although I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the photos in my computer. I never thought pale pink was my color. What do you think?

Wearing: Givenchy Shirt (BF's), Guess Jeans, Aldo Shoes, Ardene Necklace, Dreamy Vintage Bracelet and Sirens Belt


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