Developing my colour palette....finally!!

Hello Everyone,

Have you ever tried to develop a sense of direction for your wardrobe??? I mean really figure out the exact shades that makes you glow, determine a color palette and develop a plan for a wardrobe makeover towards one where every single piece you own would make you look radiant??

If your answer is No, then you are not alone. I read an article, or more like a series of articles by Ashe Mischief a few weeks ago on how she determined her unique wardrobe color palette with the shades she looked good and felt her best in. At first when I read the articles, they made no sense to me. "What? Limiting myself to a few shades only!!! Pfft!!! How will I be able to get any variety out of my wardrobe???" That's what I thought, until I absentmindedly reached for this turquoise patterned dress for the 5th time in two weeks.

I took the outfit shots that day and after looking at the photos in my laptop, something hit me. I figured the reason I reach for this dress so often is because I feel amazing every time I wear it. It's then that I started thinking about what Ashe said about identifying the colors that we love seeing ourselves in, the shades we reach for again and again to make us feel good or that have some significance in our lives.

I remembered that there are some colors I tend to prefer over and over again, such as bright crimson, turquoise, royal blue, plum & fuchsia. According to Ashe, these five colors and their corresponding slightly lighter or darker tones should form the base of colored pieces in my wardrobe. In term of neutrals I always reach for black, deep gray and only sometimes a rich deep brown, navy & ivory.

I love emerald and peacock greens, mustard yellow & bright orange but I almost never tend to reach for them as my go to pieces. So I can let them be my accent colors.

I have also learned from Ashe's article that the pastel shades of her base colors do her no good. That was another eye opener, now I know why I never felt comfortable in baby blue or lavender. Because they are so much lighter than my base colors that they almost lose the bright jewel-tone property that make these shades appealing to me.

So it took me quite a few days to figure out my color comfort zone and the next step is to define the palette in a more detailed way and identifying key pieces to buy to build on this palette. That my friends would take the whole breadth of another post.

Wearing: H&M Dress, Stitches Tube Top, Hue Tights, Geox Flats, Ardene Bracelet, Bitter Sweet Ring & Self Designed Scarf


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