Fields of gold

Hello Everyone,

How are you spending your Summer afternoons (or in the case of my friends from Southern hemisphere) your Winter afternoons? I have just finished a major (at least for some one html illiterate like me) blog overhaul. So if you see any glitches and such please let me know. :)

One of the things that I have loved about Summers since I was a child is, that time in a warm Summer day, when all of a sudden everything is very very quiet. You distinctly hear a bird chirping in the distance, or a sudden breeze rustling the leaves, but you are able to hear these things only because there is a veil of silence around you, punctuated only for a moment or two by these sounds. In those moments it feels like time is standing still and I am absolutely alone in a maiden world.

As I am typing these words I can almost feel the silence, it feels heavy in the air, just waiting for me to touch and break its stillness. Has it ever happened to you??

Do you have any characteristic moments or a feeling you get that softly whispers to you, "Summer, yes it's finally here."

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