Finding a sense of direction

Hello Everyone,

How have you been?? I hope it has not been too long and you still remember that I set out on a journey to develop a colour palette for my wardrobe. I have already determined the colours that look good on me and I love, now it is time to make a list. Yes my friends, even better; a shopping list!!

I have always wanted a wardrobe full of simple but versatile pieces with enough pizazz to get noticed on the streets every now and then. Sounds like a lot to expect right? But I found that time and time again, it is all about taking the time to look for and wait for that perfect piece, instead of just grabbing the first things you lay your eyes on.

So the idea is, I plan to have a perfectly fitted jacket and shoe in each neutral colour or the combination of the neutral colours in my wardrobe (Black, Deep Grey, Rich Deep Brown, Navy, Ivory). Then I want to go ahead and secure two day dresses (one work and one casual) one going out at night dress, two tops (one work and one dressy) and two skirts (one work and one dressy) in each of my neutral and base colours. I guess I am still going to gravitate more towards some colours that I just can't live without, like bright red and turquoise. But when I am trying to fill the quota above, my wardrobe should have some balance. At this point in time I do not have any money to buy stuff in accent colours, so that will have to be goal of the future.

Moreover I officially begin my search for the perfect versatile bag, with no hardware. Carrying a bag with silver hardware when the rest of your accessories are golden or vice versa is a huge pet peeve of mine. I also made a resolution to get all my existing clothes fitted properly within the month of May, so I had packed away all my clothes which need repair, shortening, tightening etc and will get them to the tailor's tomorrow. I think this time it will actually get done, because when I decided to become totally honest with myself I discovered that out of the 12 that I own only 4 skirts fit me properly. That really sounds bad, doesn't it?

Anyway I will do something about it instead of just sitting there and wishing I had a wonderful closet. But I would really like to know your stories. Are your closets, wardrobes completely organized and efficient? Filled with things that make you look your best everyday?

Wearing: Suzy Shier Top, Ardene's Tights and Necklace, Aldo Shoes, Forever 21 Blazer and French Connection Skirt


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