Ruffles and scallops

Hello Everyone,

How has your weekend been? Did you spend it with loved ones, catching up on chores, or just simply relaxing with your favorite book or movie?

This weekend was actually a wonderful one for me. The Saturday evening I organized a potluck dinner with my friend E and spent time with some awesome ladies having delicious food from literally all over the world. Sunday was spent relaxing with my boy, doing little chores and taking photos. But I truly feel more organized than ever about my life, and really at peace.

Maybe this feeling of contentment has something to do with the exciting things that has been happening lately in my life. Remember a few posts back I have been telling you about how I have a few jobs lined up for the Summer but really they were only means of paying the bills. Truth be told I had found my calling and have long known  what I wanted to do, so I was not really satisfied in anything else.

Well, that changed as of last Friday. The coordinator from my previous job called me when I was running errands and casually asked me if I would be interested in a position she had to offer me. At first, I thought she was joking when I heard what the position was. I mean, ever since I got into the company last Summer as a Summer student I had known someday I wanted to do this position, carry out the responsibilities it entailed. She was offering me exactly that. I was speechless.

Of course I said yes and today I am starting work for a coordinator who has been with the company almost since its inception and has a wealth of knowledge. To be able to work for him would be a challenge and just the sheer amount of things I could learn from him, gives me goosebumps. People, I know this probably sounds really silly, but I really think I can't express in words how much I love the work I am doing and how excited I am. I am in the profession of helping people find jobs and being able to make a difference in their lives just by being who I am and what I do is immensely gratifying.

I could go on for hours about my work but this probably bores you to death so I'll just finish by asking for your good wishes and prayers so that I can continue to make a difference in people's lives by doing what I love.

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