Birthday Dress

I really try not to repeat clothes, not just for the blog but also to bring more variety in my day to day outfits. However this lightweight, silk dress from Anthropologie is one of my all time favorites. Last year, my Summer as a Resource Assistant was spent in dangerously close proximity to "Shops at Don Mills", a sort of outdoor plaza for high end stores and eateries. When I walked into the first ever Canadian Anthropologie in that plaza, I was instantly mesmerized. But sort of had mini heart attacks seeing the prices. So I told myself, before I finished my Summer term I would buy myself a little birthday present from there. Which was this dress, collected lovingly from the sale room to hold a prized position in my closet. One year and numerous wears later I still love this dress to bits.

On another note how are you planning for your July 1st holiday my Canadian readers? My aunt is coming over from the States and I want to take her to a beautiful place to eat and a fun club. Any suggestions? Email me at, or leave a comment.



Wearing: Anthropologie Dress, Geox Flats & Gifted Arong Bracelets
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