Black and red

Hello People,

Do you have a go to outfit for mundane chores like grocery, taking the dog for a walk or doing laundry??I know that most people usually resort to jeans and a worn t-shirt and trusted old sneakers for this kind of task but what do you stylish ladies and gentlemen wear when you don't have/ feel like the aforementioned.

Every weekend I am faced with a rather difficult decision of finding something comfortable, casual and still presentable enough to wear while running my errands. This is what I put together yesterday as I was heading out to grocery, laundry and buying a gift for a friend who's getting married today.

I figured, to allow maximum flexibility and comfort I should stick to flowing and easily layer-able knits and chose a combo of red-black to feel stylish even when I am dressing casual. What do you think of the result?

I also need to admit to you one other thing. I can not wear heels to save my life. The maximum amount of time I can walk in heels would be 2 hours and I am talking about either wedge or kitten heels here. Do any of you face this problem? When I wear heels for longer than the time period mentioned I am in so much pain that forget glamorous I do not even feel remotely pretty. However that does not stop me from lusting after beautiful shoes but I have to admit not being able to wear majority of the shoes in the market is kinda inconvenient.

Does this happen to any of you? What do you do to look stylish and stay comfortable when you can't wear heels?

Wearing: Mandee Tunic, Stitches Tube Top, Aldo Cropped Leggings, American Eagle Flats, Gifted Necklace and Earrings


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