Family Affairs

Yayyyyyy, my cousin sister is finally in Toronto. I am so ecstatic I can't express in words. It seems when good things come they come in droves, more on that later.

It's amazing but although we have not seen each other for 10 years and have only seen a photo of her during this time, she and I recognized each other the moment we laid our eyes upon one another. It was amazing. She has grown into this amazing grown up lady, all feminine, tall and willowy. She can speak about 10 words in English including "Hi" and "Thank you" but it was so much fun trying to communicate, we laughed almost non-stop and must have looked like lunatics to people on the streets.

She checked into a B&B very close to University of Toronto campus so we just walked over to Kensington market looking for some dinner. I kind of tried to find out what she would like to eat but all she could say in English was pasta and I did not know where to find pasta in Kensignton Market.

So after some asking around we went to this little resto called "La Palette" which silly us, turned out to be a French restaurant. Well none of us have ever had french food but we just tried our best to interpret the menu and actually ended up with a simple Spinach Salad and Pasta with Duck meat and mushrooms. Not bad huh!! Considering none of us knew a word of French. Tonight I was working so tomorrow both my boy and I are meeting her up after my work. SO excited!!!!

People do you have any suggestions to what we should go visit? She does not seem too keen on zoos and museums so anything else??? Eaton Centre will definitely be a must stop in our itinerary but I really need your help. The locals are the worst when it comes to knowing the true tourist attractions of a place. :)

So help me out ladies and gents, what would a Japanese girl want to see in Toronto?

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P.S: While we were taking the photos today, these two cat brothers showed up and started rubbing up against me and S. We wanted to photograph them both but they were not so keen on being caught on camera. I hope they got home safe. It actually happens quite often in Cabbagetown, where I work. even during my lunchtime stroll, numerous cats come out for a little belly rub. :)
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