How much is too much??

For the last few days I have been working on a workshop for my clients on "Networking" in a job search context. One part of that workshop was also online or social media networking. As I was going through the books, blogs, articles full of entries on online networking I really began to wonder.

We literally live in a world of social media explosion. I really do not know what else to call it, it's a pandemonium of information, too much for a sane human being to absorb on a regular basis and still continue to do their regular work. I discovered I should advise my clients to make effective use of Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, Myspace and other relevant social networking groups for their respective fields. All these to just get their names out there, apart from conducting their regular job search.

As I was reading I automatically started reflecting on my own very similar situation albeit in a different context. I am a pretty new blogger. Before I started blogging, out of the desire to do every thing properly, I opened many online style forum accounts on top of my FB which I use to keep in touch with my friends and family and Linked In which I use for professional purposes.

I read that to be a successful blogger you really have to get your name out there, interact with the style blogger community through various online forums so at one point in time I found myself updating not one not two but SEVEN sites on a regular basis. If this sounds unreal to you, look around......everybody does this. I have not even considered joining numerous other sites that I received invitations to.

After some grueling months of struggling to update every aspect of my online life, I gave up. First up was Twitter, working twelve hours a day in jobs where you are not allowed to access these sites and not having Internet on your cell phone does not really offer you much freedom to tweet about interesting things every second. I was too busy to let other people know about what's keeping me busy. Then one by one I closed down most of my online style community accounts. Because at the end of the day, why should I link people from my blog to those sites to see photos of mine they have already seen on my blog?

I will still remain on only a few sites that I seriously enjoy visiting from time to time for some great inspiration and wonderful blogger discovery.

But what I really want to know from you is, are you on multiple online fashion forums too, sharing your photos with almost the same audience on all sites??? Do YOU think it repetitive? Do YOU feel that it's more like a chore than about having fun interacting with like minded people online?

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