Seeing red cars or the power of your thoughts

Hi there,

How are you???? Are you kind of wondering why my post titles are always so bizarre and have almost zero connection whatsoever with my clothes. O.K the truth is I am no fashion writer, I don't know much about fashion actually other than knowing what looks good and feels good. However, I do like to write and having this blog gives me a wonderful opportunity to explore many things I do not have any one to share with.

Let me ask you this...... if anyone ever told you that you can make things happen in your life by simply thinking about them and wanting them strongly, would you believe it? If you had told me this about six months ago I probably would have laughed my head off. But this concept has actually more truth to it than you might think.

Last December, at my work we were shown this professional development video called "Seeing Red Cars". Have you ever noticed, in our everyday life surprisingly enough the things that take place most are the things we dread most and don't want to happen??? Did you ever wonder why this was or were you like me and simply considered it as your bad luck?

The video told us something different altogether. It showed that actually WE are the ones responsible for the bad things that happen to us everyday. How??? Well, our minds are way more powerful than we imagine it to be and it has a general tendency to focus constantly on the things that we don't like/want. Many times, as I am walking out the door into a brilliant sunny day, I could not help but think, "I hope it does not rain today, that would ruin my evening walk on the beach". And before you know it, I would see the brilliant day transform with thundershowers, hailstorm you name it. Before I just cursed my luck and would get on with life, but now I actually know why that happened.

It really sounds silly but when you focus on something, like I did on the rain, the universe just interprets your thoughts and thinks that's what you want, so it sends a battalion of rain your way. But had I focused on the beautiful sunshine and had reworded my thoughts to "What a beautiful day! I want this sunshine all day long so that I can take a nice relaxing walk on the beach this evening", I can guarantee you the weather would have stayed lovely.

Now this all probably sounds like BS to you and it is true that many people can not get the life they want, because you have to admit, it is VERY VERY difficult to train your mind to focus on ONLY the positive thoughts. But if you can my friends, then it really works. I have been using this theory in my life since last December and it works, although sometimes my head feels like it would burst from trying to concentrate on the positive thoughts when I can feel the negative thoughts creeping on the back of my mind.

I just really really wanted to share this with you guys and see what you think, or if there is anybody else out there who has used this. If you have any questions or would like me to clarify something for you don't hesitate to leave a comment or email me. Happy experimenting guys and let me know what happens, O.K?

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