Soaking up the sun......

So last time I left it off at that my cousin sister was in town. Well she is gone now but the last few days have been a whirlwind of constant walking, walking and some more walking, crazy shopping (on her part....sigh), crazy window shopping (on both our parts), eating extremely unhealthy but very tasty food. And now she's off to Japan, till we figure out a way to see each other again.

It's amazing how much we connected despite having a huge language barrier, how much she could communicate to me through the help of her little electronic dictionary and sign language. I wish she would actually realize her dream of coming to Toronto on a working holiday.

This post is dedicated to you Anna. I know one day you will know enough English to read my blog then you'll know how much I am proud of the beautiful, responsible young lady that I met this time around.

Love you girl.

Wearing: Guess Dress, Bangladeshi Street Vendor Bag and Sandals

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