LOL, I know the title is very cheesy, but cheese is good once in a while, NO?

I know I almost always talk about powers of mind and karma and stuff like that, but lately I have been feeling quite cheerful (contrary to the title, which refers to the colour theme in my outfit and NOT my mood) and it's time I got that across to the universe.

First up, newsflash, my half Japanese cousin who I have not seen for almost 10 years is in Toronto at the moment. I was kind of dreading and anticipating her visit at the same time because as much as I am dying to finally see her as a young woman, she barely speaks and understands English and it's kinds hard communicating as I don't know any Japanese. Please any Japanese souls out there send some essential phrases my way. But other than that I am super excited to be all touristy around Toronto for the next few days.

I have been saving this blazer baby for a long time now. It is my first vintage blazer and I love the preppy gold buttons and the heavy fabric. It has incredible construction as it appears to have been order made for someone. I just have a bit of concern about it's length and width because although darling to look at, it sort of eats me up. If any of you live in Toronto and know a good tailor/ seamstress who could fix this for me I would be eternally grateful.

Anyway I am super excited for my weekend which seems promising with a friend/colleagues birthday celebration followed by a trip to Black Creek Pioneer Village with my cousin.

Wearing: Spirit Ditch Vintage Blazer, Thrifted Skirt, Forever 21 Tank, Hue Tights, Soda Flats, Dreamy Vintage Necklace & Sora Designs Ring


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