We are our worst enemies

Hello Everyone,

How have you been? I truly hope you are taking every moment to enjoy the glorious weather that mother nature is bestowing upon us. I almost feel like a tree now a days, never wanting to come indoors; trying to soak up every bit of sunshine I can.

I wanted to talk about something very important today. Something I know has crossed the mind of many of you but only a select few has talked about it. I wonder why? Let's talk about blogging and the pressure that we put on ourselves constantly wanting to become a better blogger. Honestly speaking, I do not know about you and I can only talk about how I feel, but I hope at least one person out there will share my views.

My fascination with blogs started in the middle of 2009 when somehow I came across "The Clothes Horse". I was smitten, then slowly over the next six months I discovered "Karla's Closet", "What I Wore", "Keiko Lynn" and many many more. It was an escape from reality for me, coming back form work or school every day, squinting through my glasses at my laptop screen late into the night. 

Then finally in the beginning of this year I took the plunge. I wanted to do this so bad my whole body ached with longing for my own blog, the thrill of slowly constructing a layout, posting, taking and editing photos, coming up with outfit ideas, exploring beautiful and often forbidden places to take pretty photos......it's like a drug to me still. But in the middle of it all, somehow I started to feel really stressed out, I was working a really demanding job and studying full time, so literally had no time to take photos. So I would cajole my boy into taking my photos whenever we went out and sometimes he did not feel like it. It even put a strain on our relationship, but I was just not thinking. I wanted to be a super-lady, a perfect blogger, a perfect employee, student, girlfriend; I wanted to do it all.

But I forgot a very crucial point, the fact that I am a human. After one bitter fight with my boy and sitting in the middle of an apartment in disarray, I got a grip on myself. What was I doing? When did blogging stop becoming fun and was another element of stress in my life? I did not know the answer but I decided to get in charge. I promised myself that I would post every three days, no more no less and would only take photos because I feel like and not because I have to get a post up in a few hours. I believe in you, my readers. I believe that you come back to this blog because of who I am, online and offline. So you would understand my realistic schedule and appreciate when I have new content that I lovingly prepared for you.

Wooooh, got a big load off of my chest. Enjoy the sunshine people. BTW the inspiration for this outfit was Modcloth's Fashion Democracy dress. What do you think?

Wearing: Forever 21 Tank, H&M Blazer, Vintage Skirt, Liberty Sandals, Ardene Necklace & Bracelets


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