Family Affairs Episode II

So, guess what, my aunt was visiting me a few days ago from the States. She drove up with a friend bringing tonnes of food, new clothes...and loads of fun stories. It's always like Santa Clause visiting when my aunt comes, I really wanna be like her when I grow up.
Anyway, it was a super hot day so I decided to stay cool with one of my brand new ModCloth dresses, part of a shopping spree that I went on recently upon discovering this gem of a store. Yayyyyy. The only problem was the prices, as I still have to continue paying my tuition fees for another year. But I figured every now and then it is more worth it to shell out some money for a versatile, well made piece than 10 cheap items that will fall apart in less than a year. This dress is the most perfect halter dress I have ever worn and the colour is spectacular. It is a tad too long, so I plan to get it shortened so that it sits just above my knee. We went to the Sultan's tent for some French-Moroccan food and then for a wild night of dancing and drag show at El Convento Rico. Shout out to the foodies and serious dancers out there, these two places are ah-mazing for their respective offerings. Might want to check them out next time you're having a night out in town.
How is your week going? Have you created a summer wish-list of things you want to do, places you want to see and experiences you want to have this summer?


Wearing: ModCloth Frankly I don't give a Dress, Liberty Sandals, Bangladeshi Street Vendor Bangles, Sora Design-Ardene Rings and Gifted Pendant

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