Desert Rose

Last week I went to my first ever concert...... It probably sounds unbelievable to you guys right? But back in Bangladesh it just was not considered safe for girls to go to concerts, period. So ever since I spread wings to come to T.O on my own, I have been pining for the perfect concert opportunity to present itself. And last month I found it. Sting....the one and only legendary Sting, whose songs I knew by heart ever since I was in eight grade was coming to Toronto and performing with the Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra at the Molson Amphitheatre.

S was wonderful enough to not only have bought me tickets but also to have endured the three hour extravaganza, as I sang, danced, tapped my feet and bobbed my head away holding his hands. I am saying endured not to demean Sting in any way, but simply because S did not know anything else about Sting other than the fact that he sang Desert Rose. Oh, the things S goes through for the sake of my love. :)

On top of that what a coincidence that he decided to buy me sunflowers on the very day I wore a sunflower colored skirt!!! Psssttt, don't tell anyone, but somehow I knew the second I put this skirt on that he was going to buy me flowers that day and they were going to be sunflowers! He called this coincidence, I call it positive thinking!

Wearing: Unknown Gifted Top, United Colours of Benetton Skirt, Payless Shoe Source Flats, Unknown Purse, Bangladeshi Street Vendor Bangles and Sunflowers
Location: Toronto Harbourfront
Title: Desert Rose by Sting

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