A Passion for Fashion 2010- Part I

Yesterday I participated in the Fashion 101 workshop of "A Passion for Fashion" program. Organized by YES the program boasts a rocking line-up of workshops geared toward the fashion-minded youth entrepreneur. And the best part is, they're completely FREE!!!

There are three workshops covering the designing/ creative aspects of the industry and three covering the business aspect. Fashion 101 was hosted by Kendra Francis, designer of Franke, international model, celebrity stylist, Project Runway Canada participant and a very very wonderful person.

What was the experience like???

Well, it left me feeling equally overwhelmed and scared but also made me realize how much I want to have my own line, someday. I realized what a total novice I am compared to many others in the room with fashion school education and in a few cases even their own lines. But I knew some things too that many did not. So despite having a complete panic attack after coming home, writing about it now is actually making me more focused as I type out each word.

I just want to send a huge thanks to Kendra and Gail , now I finally know how designers all over the world come up with clothes having similar elements in a particular season (trend forecasting books....duh!!!!). How they can tell us what we will be wearing next year...right now. Although I still find it astonishing that what we are going to be wearing 2 years from now had already been predicted down to the last button and trimmings.

Anyway, I just want to say a big thank you to all the wonderful people I have met today and I am really excited to attend Friday's workshop. Oh yes, I have signed up for all six of them, didn't I tell you? And now you can too. Just go here and follow the instructions.

So shall I see you there???

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Thanks folks!!

Wearing: Self-designed and painted top (my very first one..woooohooo), Alloy Skirt, Roberto Vianni Wedges, Bangladeshi Street Vendor Bangles, Ardene Ring, Scarf worn as Belt and Angee W. Pin (Self Bought)
Location: Ashbridges Bay

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