A Passion for Fashion 2010 - Part II

What do you get when you put Jen Kluger, of Foxy Originals and 20 young aspiring creative entrepreneurs (a.k.a hungry minds) in one room? You'll can keep scratching your heads all day long but I bet none of you will have imagined the mind blowing flow of thoughts, ideas and creative vibes that took place on August 28th in the YES headquarters, Toronto.

The workshop title was Fashion 102: Sales & Marketing, but we learned so much more than the title promised. Jen started off by giving us a cheat sheet for all kinds of resources one might need to create, market, promote and sell ones products in the fashion industry. Then she literally walked us through every step of fashion sales and marketing:

- identifying the buying seasons
- developing a brand
- marketing essentials
- assesing the competition
- knowing the customers and identifying your niche
- selling the product through different mediums
- various aspects of fashion PR

all the while sharing her own experience, knowledge even her errors. We got to know how the seeds of Foxy Originals was planted when she was 16 and how it became the one we know today.I have to say, if she was not a jewelery designer she could have been a very successful motivational speaker. :)

As for my own feelings, once again it left me overwhelmed and scared, but I do feel a sense of empowerment creeping in. Every step I take, no matter how small it is, is a step towards realizing my dream, right? I have actually created a page with my goals for this year, some of them may seem laughable, but it is a goal and the way I look at it is, "If I aim for the Sun at least I'll get to the stars".

Wearing: Gifted Top, French Connection Skirt, Angee W Clutch with Flower Pin (Self-Bought), Payless Shoe Source Ankle-straps (I changed into flats before the workshop)
Location: Warden Woods Park

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