One last time

Before I say anything else, I just wanted to say a hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee THANK YOU to each and every one of you. You must have noticed that this little blog of mine has been gaining popularity at a tremendous rate and along with that exciting things has started to happen. I will disclose more on that as time comes but nothing would have been possible without your love. So keep it coming and you can count on me to give it back a thousandfold.

There are few items in my closet that I love more than this red dress from Mod Cloth. This dress is the definition of The Perfect Halter Dress in every way. The cut is spectacular (actually flattens your tummy and makes boobs look bigger), it's my favorite color and the material is a wonderful cotton eyelet. I have worn it so many times during this Summer that I have lost count but thought you guys would get bored so did not post the photos here. However, before I part with this beauty for the next 6-7 months I wanted to take her out one last time, paired with this coin embellished, contrasting sweater to beat the chill. Next Summer and every Summer from now on you can count on seeing it many more times here.

Wearing: Mod Cloth "Frankly I Don't Give A" Dress, Unknown Sweater, Roberto Vianni Wedges

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Thanks folks! :)

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