The tale of Amliya Handbags

Remember a few days ago I told you I had bought something very unique from The Tin Taj. Well, guess what? It's time for a little show and tell.

The model Black Beetle car that you see in the photos is actually a fully functioning handbag. It's a luxury Italian brand of model bags called Amliya. I have never seen anything like it, so after I bought it I dove into research about it's origin.

Amliya used to be the name of an English Aristocrat, and there is a beautiful love story behind this bag. In the 1950's Amliya's founder Joe D' Amato was born in a well known tanner family in Italy. His father has been designing many beautiful bags, suitcases with the finest Italian leather and due to their superior quality and craftsmanship these bags soon became staples for the Italian imperial family and aristocrats. As Joe D' Amato was growing up he became known as one of the best designers of his time. Around the same time, he also fell in love with an English noblewoman, Amliya. After a couple of years, while returning to London, Amliya died in a ship wreck. Joe D' Amato, heartbroken at the loss of his beloved, gave up everything he loved, including designing and immersed himself in Amliya's memory, trying to relive her through the things she left behind. His father, desperate to get him back to his craft, created a model bag according to a car Amliya left behind. One day, he put all Amliya's belongings in that bag when Joe was sleeping. Upon waking up when he was looking for Amliya's things, Joe saw this bag and was finally inspired to design again. Thus Amliya lived on and by 1978 people all over the world was in love with her name and what it represented.

Amliya bags are very unique to look at and there are models of many things. I personally want a telephone, an owl, a violin, a train and a tea pot to add to my collection. However, they are very hard to find and there are a lot of Chinese knock offs out there.

I definitely am going to The Tin Taj again and bugging Carol to get me the bags I am searching for. Anyone care to join me??

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