It's an Indian Summer

Just a few weeks ago when I was getting quite depressed with the pouring rain and howling winds, a friend of mine said, "Trishna, don't worry, soon we will have Indian Summer". I did not know what it meant, so she told me, one day in Fall, when everyone is kind of fed up with the cold, the sun will shine and at least for one day it will feel like it's Summer again. This kind of day is called Indian Summer. I still don't understand the correlation with India, but just a few days ago I woke up in the morning and for once the warmth of the comforter was not welcome. I knew my Indian Summer day is finally here and brought out this beauty to bid farewell to Summer in style.

P.S: That's Mr. S's sandaled feet with mine. In case you were wondering. :)

Wearing: Anthropologie Dress, Payless Sandals, Angee W Purse, Ardene Necklace and H&M Belt

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Thanks folks! :)



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