My first blog award and some hints.......

Just in my last post I told you about some really nice things that's happening to this little blog of mine. Well now is the time for a little disclosure. Very recently I have been contacted by the CSN stores promo team. Now truth be told, up until then I had never heard of CSN stores, so I was a little apprehensive. But then I took a look at their websites and I was like a little kid in a candy shop. From my understanding CSN stores have a number of websites where you can buy anything from gorgeous handbags, supreme quality cookware, plush outerwear to the perfect end table . And the shoes...... ah don't even get me started on their amazing shoe collection. So stay tuned as I get more updates on our collaboration. 

On another and very happy note, I just received my very first blog award from  Vogue & Vintage and I am beyond excited. Now it's the time to pass this on to 12 of my favourite bloggers. Dear ladies now you can........

1) Pass the award to 12 of your favorite bloggers
2) Link the name of their blog and the url
3) Link the person who gave you the award!

So here are my 12 favorites and this was no easy task. I hope this brings a ray of sunshine to your days lovelies.

1 . Duckalicious
2 . Benches & Chandeliers
3 . Style of a Fashionista
4 . A Hat Full of Sky
5 . Old Lady Chic
6 . I Love My Blog
7 . Lisa Rosalie
8 . Everyone Loves Lipstick
9 . Haine Accessible
10.Va-Voom Vintage
11.The Littlest Polly
12.The Dusk Zone
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