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I am so excited to participate in this week's Fashion-Beauty-Friends-Friday (FBFF) as organized by Katy Rose of Modly Chic. Each Friday at FBFF you will see me and a group of other bloggers get together and answer some questions on a somewhat controversial topic. This week's topic is my favorite so that I still quite have not figured out to how to approach.....Blogger Self Promotion. 

Honestly majority of us would like to have a huge, engaged and regular readership. But how do you get there? And when do your apparently harmless attempts at promoting your blog gets you blacklisted as a blogger without proper blogging'll get to read opinions from all of us at FBFF on this very topic today. To see a list of other bloggers go here

Q. How do you promote your blog? 

A. I have found there is no better way to promote than to reach out to other bloggers. I noticed from the beginning there has been a group of people who visited my blog without any promotion on my part. However to keep them coming and to gain more  I had to find other bloggers I could resonate with (Chicisimo, Weardrobe, Twitter, Facebook, Chictopia etc) and on a regular basis I visited their sites, commented, interacted and just showed in general that I cared. It was not easy and now with some 300 plus readers on various sites it is hard to comment back and engage with all of them. But I created a commenting schedule, got internet on my phone and promised myself I would connect with each reader that I see on a regular basis on my blog. Be it through a comment, twitter, facebook or a quick email, my policy is to never let a single comment be published on this blog without me acknowledging for it somehow.

Q. In your experience what has been the most effective form of self promotion?

A. My self promotion started being really effective when I identified which bloggers would reciprocate my comments, visits and who won't. In the beginning of my blogging days I would visit some very well known blogs with hundreds of comments on a daily basis and religiously commented. But only in one or two occasions have I received a return visit or comment. I understand now that bloggers with hundreds of thousands of readers simply can not reply to each and every comment they receive, so I just stopped expecting. I still do visit all of those blogs, but rarely comment and never expect anything other words I treat them like online magazines. 
Now my mantra is also quality over quantity, other than going out to 30 blogs and leaving a generic comment I now try to visit at least 5-7 new blogs each day and leave really thoughtful comments to see if we click or not. Believe me, more often than not, the blogger reciprocates and we become each others loyal readers. 

Q. Do you think there is a wrong way to promote yourself and your blog? 

A. To each their own, but it kind of makes me sad when I see a comment with a few words and then three glowing, capitalized links to the blog of the commenter. I still comment back, but am not as enthusiastic if you understand what I mean. I fully support getting your name out there, but please keep in mind that one can usually reach your profile and then your blog just by clicking on your user name in the comment (at least for blogger). If you have a tumbler/ wordpress/ independent domain it would make sense to leave your link, but if you are on blogger people, it really is not necessary. If somebody is interested in your comment they WILL visit your blog, but those three glowing links will actually refrain them from having that desire. 

Q. When it comes to others pushing their product, what annoys you?

A. I'm all up for free items that I might have the chance of winning through a giveaway. But even a giveaway, or any other huge monetary gain (unless we are talking about millions of dollars here) does not give one an excuse to just leave a comment like "Enter my XYZ giveaway" and then disappear. In my latest giveaway, I actually posted the link in a few websites dedicated to posting giveaways and left it at that only to see more than a 100 comments resulting. You guys can find these websites on my Daily Reads page at the bottom under a section for Blog Giveaways.
Other than that when I went to my regular blog visits I would sometimes leave a post script in the comment letting them know of the giveaway so they can enter if they want to. But chances are if they are my followers they already know about it. 

Q. In Dressful's post on this topic earlier this week, she said, "It's impossible to respect someone who wants all the attention, but adds nothing to the conversation"?

A. I somewhat agree to this comment because I think it is terribly inconsiderate to go to someone's blog and leave a comment which is literally nothing but an advertisement for you. I know it is important to promote one's blog, because there are so many fashion-beauty-style blogs out there people would rarely take notice by chance if one did no promotion. But that can be done in a tasteful and thoughtful way. One thing to remember when you visit someone's blog is if your comment does not say some thing nice/ productive thoughtful/ constructive, do not expect that other person to return the favor. After all why would someone waste their time on you if you can't be bothered to spend 2 minutes reading a blog post and find something positive to say about it???

So that was my take on this week's Fashion-Beauty-Friends-Friday. Please don't forget to visit Modly Chic for more food for your thoughts. 

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