Happy Birthday to me!!!!

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My dear readers, today I turn 22. So as you are reading this I am frolicking around a picturesque town with the boy, taking loads of photos and maybe visiting exotic birds & butterflies. But you probably know that already since yesterday via my twitter. So enjoy the photos while I welcome another new chapter in my life.

This skirt is a vintage beauty that received a face-life thanks to my amateur sewing skills. Initially it was midi length, kind of making me look like a 19th century farmer's wife, but after a few snips here and there and hemming it looks quite at home in this day and age, don't you think??? Funny enough, on the same day I saw some similar skirts hanging in Urban Outfitters, priced at $40 a pop, but mine was without a doubt the prettiest of the lot.

These photos where shot in Evergreen Brickworks, which as the name suggests is an abandoned brick yards right in the middle of Toronto, off of Pottery Road. The boy and I ventured there one fine morning and look forward to having a picnic very soon. It's your ideal urban getaway complete with ponds, ravines, hills and just untouched nature. :)

Wearing: Vintage Skirt (Re-constructed by me), Mango Cardigan, Angee W Pin, Ardene Belt-Necklaces-Cuff, Danier Belt as Necklace, Sora Designs Ring, Gifted Boot and Sixty Five Roses Straw Briefcase

Enter my birthday celebration GIVEAWAY


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