I've got sunshine on a cloudy day.....

I was almost ecstatic with joy when the package from Mod Cloth arrived the night before we were to leave for my birthday. It made packing so much easier to just be able to throw everything that came, into the suitcase with my trusted red skirt. 

This cardigan is one of the most beautiful ones I own, the lace collars full of old world charm, the knit thin but perfectly warm for Canadian winters and the buttons shaped like tiny bows. The tights were also another wise purchase as the soft sweater knit is thick enough to wear on its own till temperatures hit -5 degree celcius. In fact even after that just with another thin layer underneath it would be perfect to withstand the coldest of Canadian winters.

Right after I made this purchase I pledged to go on a shopping ban till 30th April, 2011. I decided on it because my shopping addiction was at a point that the second after I clicked the complete transaction button online, I started hating myself, realizing I really did not need that and I do not have any space to put it in my overflowing closet. Then I would go ahead and donate bags and bags of stuff from my closet....and the cycle continued...until I told myself that this is it. It has been just around two weeks but I already feel much better and even stronger about the decision.

Wearing: Mod Cloth Meet Cute Cardigan, Mod Cloth Delightfully Warm Tights in Oatmeal, Vintage Skirt, Angee W Flower Pin, Ardene Necklaces and Bracelets and Sora Designs Ring

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