She acts like summer and walks like rain

Sometimes, I think photos are not enough, even words alone are not enough to express what I feel. I love clothes, not just because of what they represent, but how they are with you as you create memories and how they make you remember. A simple dress can be associated with an event so beautiful that every time you wear it, a smile automatically spreads on your face and the world is all of a sudden magical again.

This dress holds some very special memories to me and when I found myself reaching for this dress twice in a week almost absentmindedly, I wondered why..... It's not like this medley of plum and purple is my favorite colour in the world. No.....I think I reach for this dress because on a very special day, when I felt like I am on top of the world, I was wearing this. And it's my subconscious that makes me reach for it every so often....lest I forget.

Wearing: Alloy Dress, Ardene Tights, Mango Cardigan, Forever 21 Blazer, H&M and St. Lawrence Market Scarves, Payless Shoe Source Flats and Sora Designs King Owlie Ring

 P.S: I would not say this bag from E-bay is the best satchel bag out there, but its much better than the Nine West one and is perfect for the kind of rough use that I put my bags through.

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