Solution to my shoe organization dilemma

Many of you probably remember when I wrote about my shoe organization dilemma.....right?? This is what my shoe collection used to look like.

After much research and attempts at tearing my hair out I decided to try the clear shoe boxes by Shoe Stor. They were a bit pricier than the IKEA boxes for sure...but they were clear, had the potential to fit perfectly in the bottom of my bedroom closet and they were from right here in Toronto. 

So I looked up their website, wrote to them asking if I could test out some of their boxes first. The owner, a very nice gentleman, replied right away and sent me some boxes a few weeks later.
Personally I am very impressed with the quality of the boxes. They are made of a sturdy plastic, lays flat to store and are quite easy to assemble given that I could put them together when the boy was at work. Shoe Stor's website also has step-by-step assembly instructions but I did not need them. No matter how big or small your shoe collection might be their 5 pk, 10 pk and 20 pk boxes for shoes, boots and handbags will answer the prayers of every shoe and bag lover.

This is what my shoe collection looks like now. :)

I was so happy with my boxes that I went a step ahead an became an affiliate, as you can see from the ad on my left side bar. So if any of you would like to buy them, please click on the ad. As I have said before half of all the proceeds from this blog will go to Make a Wish Foundation this Christmas. So go ahead and make a child's wish come true. :)

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Thanks a bunch everyone, see you next time!!
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