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I want to welcome every one to a new feature on Tashrin. There are quite a few ladies in this blogsphere whom I admire and would love to know a little more about. “Style muse” will feature one of these style icons every now and then.

Tashrin’s first style muse is Lily Greig of “Love Charles Vintage”. Lily is 21, a full time art student and runs a vintage store on Etsy under the same name. I have been a fan of Lily since the very beginning of her blog and what I love even more is that we share the same birth month of November.

Me: I always wondered about the name of your blog/ etsy store, what is the store behind it?
Lily: My blog and etsy is named after my dog Charles, whom I adore very much. I figured no matter what I named the store, if it reminded me of him I'll never get sick of it.

Me: What made you start an etsy store? Tell us a little about the beginning and the journey.
Lily: It's something I had wanted to do for a long time, but never really knew how to go about it or had the courage to start. I reached a point where I needed some money and as I was applying for various retail and other student friendly jobs I realized I would find absolutely no joy clocking in hours at those facilities. That's what made me finally get going and start up a shop. I've always been thrifty and loved collecting vintage so I did some extra shopping to find stock for the store, and I did my research on how to have a successful online establishment. Then I started the marketing!

Me: Why the blog? How do you plan for it to grow in the future?
Lily: The blog started as an additional way to network with people, and continues to be that. Last summer I was able to expand my blog nicely, but due to taking 16 credits I've slowed down quite a bit. As graduation comes closer and I again find time to blog, I plan on documenting travels and outfits far more frequently, and hopefully continue to have giveaways and vintage photoshoots. 

Me: Really, Lily, how do you do it? Blogging, studying, business? How is a day in the life of Lily?
Lily: Blogging took a back burner, college has put me into a little bubble so for the next year thats my main focus. Business is what makes me happy so it is crucial that I find the time to maintain that. I set a schedule of when I can ship things off and when I can take photos and list things. Answering customers questions always comes first, little things like that I make sure I don't fall behind on. Otherwise I'm writing a paper or finishing an art project! I find a few spare days to watch movies with friends. Just because I'm a transfer student and I'm only at this university for a year, I find it easier to make my priority school. I sort of intentionally placed myself in this bubble so that I would be able to do just that, (if that makes sense).

Me: What are the plans for future? After graduation? Would the store continue the way it is or morph into something different?
Lily: After I graduate I want to focus on nothing but my business, art and traveling for awhile.  The store is staying as long as I have a customer base. I'd love to have my own site, as well as take my shop on the road with me. Adding new items from all the little towns I visit along the way.

Me: Do you have a distinctive personal style? How would you define it?
Lily: I think I toss in a lot of vintage pieces with basic staples. I tend to stick to solid colors, as well as dark colors. It's very eclectic, I find an interesting piece at a thrift store and incorporate it in. It's constantly morphing with my likes and dislikes, but that's how I want it to be. 

Me: One piece of realistic advice you'd give to aspiring bloggers who want to merge a business with their blog. 
Lily: Make sure you have loads of time! The two go hand in hand but without the appropriate amount of time you should pick the one that is most successful for you and invest yourself into that. 

Wow, thank you so much Lily for sharing your fabulous self with us. I want to wish you belated but very very happy birthday and hope all your wishes have/will come true. 

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