This week I 'm reading.........Old lady chic

Ever since I have started blogging I discovered some outstanding blogs, met some really stylish individuals and got to know some wonderful people. Each week from now on, I will introduce you to one of these individuals and I hope you'll love getting to know them at least as much as I did if not more. 

Kerri's blog was love at first site for me. Her beautiful header photo drew me in and each week her vibrant, retro outfits kept me coming.Here's Kerri in her own words....

Kerri - Old Lady Chic

My name is Kerri, I grew up in Massachusetts in a very small town but packed up my car when I was 18, drove to Florida and have been living here ever since. I graduated with a Bachelors degree in film and video production and now I am a broadcast technician/editor for a cable movie network. My blog is named Old Lady Chic, a nickname my old roommate gave my style a long time ago!

After I graduated college, I had a regular 9-5 working job and slowly realized my creative side was slipping away. Now trust me, I've never been super into fashion, but once I found myself working in an office after years of wearing uniforms to work, (I was a waitress through college) I started experimenting and finding my real sense of style. which led me to vintage clothes and retro styles. I found Modcloth and started reading their bloggers of the moment and then it just expanded from there! I thought if these girls could do it, why couldn't I?

Describing my personal style would be a tough one….but I guess the name of my blog describes me best, Old Lady Chic. I love vintage, retro styles from the fifties and sixties. But I love to throw modern aspects into outfits and really every day can be different. That is what is so great about it! I'm an avid thrifter and a firm believer that any trend can be found at the salvation army for much cheaper, as long as you are willing to search for it!

When I’m not blogging, I love to watch movies, it is basically my job. I watch movies for 8 hours a day and get paid for it! I also just took a sewing class and made my first skirt, next up a dress! Other than that, I pretty much just hang out with my boyfriend, my cat, and my friends. Go to the park, take walks, watch Maury, drink coffee, listen to records, and cook like crazy.

Being from New England, Florida took a lot of adjusting. There are no seasons, so this time of year I start getting a little depressed. Christmas just isn't the same to me when it is 75 degrees out. But, there are many positive things! At Christmas it is 75 degrees out! The beaches are gorgeous and Fort Lauderdale is called the Venice of America, because it is basically just made up of canals and waterways. You can take a boat ride around and see million dollar homes where Lucille Ball used to live! Also, the best Spanish and Cuban food you can get around every corner! If you haven't had Arepas or Arroz con Pollo you haven't lived!

The most amazing thing about blogging has definitely been the support I've gotten from the blogging world. I was very afraid that I wouldn't find a following or be accepted, but honestly I can't believe how nice everyone is to each other. It is such a change from catty, jealous girls who always try to one-up each other. It is good to know that not everyone acts like a high-schooler. I really feel like I get to know these girls that follow me or that I follow. It is great to feel part of a community that is positive and promotes confidence! Also, my Mom gets more excited about my blog than I do sometimes! If you check out my outfits she almost always has made some sort of contribution. She still lives up north, but manages to shop and ship things she knows I will love, and does a great job doing it! It is a nice way for us to keep in touch and she can see me every day.

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