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Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas everyone. While you are recuperating why don't you take a look at this lovely blog "Two for Tea".

I discovered Two for Tea on Weardrobe where the beautifully styled photos of Cambria & Jessica took my breath away. Soon after I started visiting their blog and watched it grow into so much more than a style blog. Recently Cambria got engaged almost before my eyes and I am so happy I am able to participate in her magical journey. Here's Cambria, in her own words.....

Two for Tea is a blog created by me and my friend Jessica whom I met in Freshman year when we were assigned to the same dorm room and immediately hit it off. The first day of college, we dressed in separate rooms but put on the EXACT SAME outfit (same brands, same items, and colours)!!!  Ever since then, we've had fun mixing and experimenting with each other's clothes.  In our Sophomore year, we started browsing fashion blogs together for inspiration and our roommates "dared" us to start a blog.  However, we got really addicted to it and what was supposed to be a two week challenge blog has been going strong over the past year. Sadly, Jess is taking a semester of off school to work, so the blog has fallen solely into my hands for the time being...but I hope to convince her to rejoin my posts next semester.

If I was to describe my personal style it would definitely have two words simplicity and cost effectiveness!  I'm fairly minimal with accessories and shoes, and have a relatively small wardrobe with lots of easy to mix and match clothes for layering.  My greatest inspiration comes mainly from the 40s, 50s, or 80s.  I love the silhouettes (cause I'm an hourglass!) as well as the deep, rich colour palettes--that's why I wear a lot of darker or neutral colours and accentuate my waist with high-waisted or belted outfits :)  I'm also attracted by unique patterns or little details like buttons/seaming/stitching.  I guess one could describe my style as vintage-inspired, chic, elegant, and cost-effective!

When I am not blogging I am found mostly in coffee shops because I love people watching, exploring the city and drinking soy lattes and tea.  I recently got engaged so the wedding planning and everything else in between takes place in the said coffee shops.  I also love acting (my favourite roles were Emily Webb in "Our Town" and Abigail Williams in "The Crucible) and attending theatre performances.  I used to be a professional classical ballet dancer, but after coming to college picked up swing dancing with the fiance (it's amazing!). I absolutely LOVE reading and collecting books and am also passionately addicted to history and art museums!!!  When I'm chilling with friends, I enjoy classic movies and speaking in random accents :)

I absolutely love being in the city...we have such fabulous museums, a variety of awesome coffee shops, stellar architecture and art, and lots of busyness.  It's just a ton of fun to watch the wide variety of people who live their lives around me.  Plus it snows here and I'm a couple hours from a Great Lake--what could be more awesome than that?

The most amazing thing about blogging has been connecting with people in the fashion blogging community.  Honestly, I just do this for a hobby, and I'm not hard-core at all!  I love getting new followers just because I get so much inspiration and helpful feedback :)  I enjoy the challenge of dressing for a photo (almost) every day, and learning be creative with how I remix my wardrobe.

<3 Cambria

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