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I have recently been reading "This Year I Will" by M J Ryan, a street smart version of The Secret. What stood out to me most in this book is what the author said about gratitude. She did not know how but has observed time and time again that when somebody expressed gratitude on a regular basis, they somehow attract more things into their lives to be grateful for.

I started keeping a gratitude journal shortly after reading "The Secret". You would not know this if you met me now but sarcasm was my middle name. I was brought up in a pessimistic environment, where expecting and preparing for the worst was/is the norm. So reading this book brought about the ultimate paradigm shift.

My journal acts as a reminder for all things that truly make me happy and somehow, writing them down make these memories more vivid in my mind and they automatically rush to the forefront of my mind especially when I am in an unpleasant situation. As if to remind me, lest I forget.

Have you ever tried a Gratitude Journal? How has it affected your life?

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